Submission Guidelines

If you are a photographer, artist or a talented amateur why not show us what you have, we look at everything.

Submitting by Post?

We accept the following:
• CDs in jpeg or tiff format, with a colour print out of your images
• Colour print outs or photocopies
• Photographs

Please do not send original artwork. If you would like us to return your submission, please send a stamped addressed envelope.

Submitting by email?

We accept the following:
• Up to 15 low resolution images (no more than 1MB please).
• If you have your own website, please send us your address to view it.
• Please use the contacts form to obtain our email address.

We appreciate it if you direct us to images you think are suitable.

Your Details

Please include some information about yourself with your submission – a CV or a short biography is fine.

Don’t forget your contact details – an email address speeds up the feedback process.


Due to high volumes of submitted material, we will contact successful submissions only. Please do not ring - successful submissions will hear from us after four weeks.

We look forward to hearing from you